Sunday, March 6, 2011

Basic Knowledge of Diamonds

Diamond's Color
Color of a diamond has a degree. generally, the more yellow the color levels of a diamond then the value will be lower. If the color of the diamond more colorless/whiter, the higher its value [except, fancy color]

Fancy Color - The diamond's color other than yellow and brown called fancy color, this is special kind of diamonds, Fancy color diamonds can be any color from blue, green, bright yellow. In fancy color, the more color the more expensive price, Fancy color very rare and expensive .

Diamond's Clarity
It is the clarity of a diamond, the cleaner will be the higher value. Characteristics of clarity in a diamond called inclusions or input element inside. Characteristics of external input element called Blemish external input element.

Diamond's Cut
The cut of a diamond is a crucial factor in the quality and beauty of diamonds. There are 2 factors:
1. Proportion is associated among the size, shape, symmetry, weight distribution, and angle shavings.
2. Finish is a detail of the pieces associated with the facet shape, location and policy.

Diamond's Carat
Carat is weight of diamonds. Carat comes from the word carob which is a kind of plant. One Carat of a diamond equal to 0.2 grams. One Carat equals 100 points.



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